About Christi

Christi Eubank  

Christi graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM, in 1995. Because she was initially trained in Western medicine as a registered nurse over 35 years ago, Christi has the unique ability to assist individuals in merging contemporary Western medical treatment with traditional Chinese medical treatment for optimal results.

Christi has been successful in treating clients with a variety of health concerns. She has worked extensively with women on issues of fertility and pregnancy, menstrual balancing, as well as perimenopausal and menopausal changes in the more "mature" woman. She has also participated in post graduate training in pain management techniques and finds that her ability to offer individuals relief from both acute and chronic pain is a rewarding aspect of her practice.

Most importantly, Christi enters the treatment room with the desire to support all aspects of an individual's journey toward optimum health. This involves not only treating physical complaints but offering support for her client's ongoing spiritual, psychological, and emotional development. She offers a soothing environment and a gentle, caring, and attentive approach which allows her to focus on the concerns of each individual.

We all know that nutrition is important, and Christi emphasizes food that is organically and/or sustainably grown - with encouragement to buy seasonally and locally when possible.

And, finally, one of Christi's favorite aspects of her practice is to carefully listen and then educate each person about how to work with their particular needs to enhance their health. She has found over the years that there is no one right answer for everyone and that telling someone who wants to be a vegetarian to have beef works no better than telling a client who loves meat to become a vegetarian. The detective work it takes to find each person's particular path is challenging and fun for her, as well as rewarding for her and her clients.

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